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We are the Marijane Express Dispensary named ” Express ” as we have deep roots in the cannabis industry since the early ages. Poineering in the growing, extraction, transformation and distribution of cannabis and cannabis related products. We pride ourselves in keeping the term natives as we don’t just produce, but also make sure it gets to those in need. Afterall, production is never complete until it reaches the final consumer


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About Marijane Express

Our family has been in the cannabis industry at the very early ages of the herb but only came to light in 1927 with the amendment of the Boylan Bill which then made illegal the cannabis indica known then as indian hemp. With this ban, our forefathers took upon to the new york times to advocate for a cancellation of of this paragraphs as it was void of the health benefits of the plant.

After weeks of advocation with no response from the government, they decided they will continue offering the helping hand to their patients and cannabis lovers illegally as they believed they were doing the right thing considering cannabis as a natural herb and not a drug. It is for this deep history since the early days that we are now known as the ” 420 Natives ‘ as we keep doing what our forefathers thought us how to do passing it on from generation to generation

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Perceived Benefits Of Cannabis

Regardless of the legal status of cannabis, many patients with psychiatric disorders use cannabis and report improvement in their symptoms. Patients use cannabis for symptoms of PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, insomnia, opiate dependence, and even schizophrenia. In addition, patients use cannabis for neurological conditions such as the spasticity of multiple sclerosis, agitation in dementia, and specific seizure disorders that are unresponsive to standard therapies. Patients also use cannabis to reduce the nausea and anorexia of cancer chemotherapies and to improve their mood and outlook—frequently with their oncologist’s approval.

Sativex was approved in Canada for use in multiple sclerosis in 2005 and chronic cancer pain in 2006, and has been approved for medical use in at least 2 dozen countries, although it is not FDA approved. More recently, a liquid formulation of pure plant-derived CBD (Epidiolex) has been undergoing trials as an anticonvulsant for seizures refractory to other available treatments

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