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About Us

Our family has been in the cannabis industry at the very early ages of the herb but only came to light in 1927 with the amendment of the Boylan Bill which then made illegal the cannabis indica known then as indian hemp. With this ban, our forefathers took upon to the new york times to advocate for a cancellation of of this paragraphs as it was void of the health benefits of the plant.

After weeks of advocation with no response from the government, they decided they will continue offering the helping hand to their patients and cannabis lovers illegally as they believed they were doing the right thing considering cannabis as a natural herb and not a drug. It is for this deep history since the early days that we are now known as the ” 420 Natives ‘ as we keep doing what our forefathers thought us how to do passing it on from generation to generation

In 2010,we participated in the study of 375 University of Colorado students over a 3-year period to track their marijuana use, as well as depression and anxiety symptoms in order to determine whether not it could be use for treatment of mental health and complex cases such as bipolar disorder and when the results came out positive, we saw the need to reach out to many more people decided to use to today’s advanced internet system to do that hence our website 420natives.com

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